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The Story Of The Rapple Range Charcoal Fireplace

The Story Of The Rapple Range Charcoal Fireplace

If you have ever wanted shoot for fun in Charlotte a hunting experience that brings the wilderness right up to you, then the Riffle Range in Charlotte North Carolina is the place for you. Located in the foothills of Appalachian Mountains, this historic land is perfect for hunters who are looking for an experience beyond that of hunting ducks and other game from a distance. The range is also ideal for bow hunters who enjoy a challenge and the opportunity to practice their skills. With an abundance of wildlife, including deer, alligators, bears, and numerous other species, the opportunity to hunt here is one of a kind. While there is hunting on site at the Riffle, on most weekends a drive through the woods gives hunters the chance to see some of the most amazing wildlife that they could possibly imagine.


One of the best things about hunting on the property is that it is not as reliant on having a firearm. There are a number of different kinds of bait that can be used to aid in the hunt; however, one of the best things that hunters who use this method of hunting appreciate is the bait buckets that are provided to them on site. These buckets contain both live and dead fish, along with all of the seasonings that are season for the time of year that the hunting is taking place. From crawfish to frogs, these live baits can provide the hunter with a wide variety of food choices. For the bow hunter looking for a good meal or a snack, this is one of the best ways to get a meal that is quick and easy.


For the fisherman out there looking to catch some trout, rainbow and brook trout can be found on the property. Many of the brook trout tend to prefer smaller pools, so smaller bait such as crawfish tails, spinner baits, or crankbaits can work wonders on the terrain. Some of the bigger species of fish tend to stay near the deeper parts of the streams and rivers. This means that when a good fisherman is on the property, they will definitely be able to locate some of the bigger game.

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