How To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test

Many people wonder how to pass a marijuana drug test. There are so many products out there claiming to help you pass with ease that really don’t. Do yourself a favor and save your money. At this time some tips to pass a marijuana drug test are:

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Most labs do strict specimen validation testing to actually check the urine for evidence of being adulterated or substitute. If you’re caught you will be greatly disappointed with your failed attempt. Make sure you know when you have been given the sample and exactly what testing was done. Most drug testing procedures are not the same in all states so make sure you understand the specific procedures for the state where you reside. It is highly likely that if you are caught with marijuana you will receive a fine of some sort, but marijuana is still considered illegal even if smoking.

In order to take longer in the blood stream of the substance testing for THC will probably be performed. This is done by looking at the blood flow in the veins in the hands, as this is where the active ingredient of THC enters into the blood stream. When the THC passes through the body cells in the blood stream, it stays in the bloodstream until it drops off into the toilet bowl or bathroom sink. Other substances such as diphenhydramine and phenobarbital take longer to leave the body because they act more like a tranquilizer than an addictive substance, therefore taking longer to leave the bloodstream.